Corporate Programs

Corporate Training Program

All the tech-savvy organizations that aim to excel and stay on top of their league, keep their workforce well-equipped and skilled according to needs of modern corporate world. They turn their visions, missions and strategic plans into a practical approach accompanied with all new learning methodologies and techniques that polish the skills of their brilliant workforce. Corporate training is a name given to formal professional education which takes into account all the university, college or institutional trainings that may be customized or in-house for an organization. These training programs are competency-driven and aim to educate employees for operating certain equipment or performing specific tasks that are required to get the job done.

Why train your staff?

  • To achieve business goals that may be short term or long term
  • To make an immediate and prominent difference in the productivity
  • To turn your employees into solution-focused and object-oriented geniuses
  • To improve staff relationships and build new connections
  • To nurture your workforce
  • To set high standards for your competitors.
  • To keep up with modern technology and advancements
  • To improve their project management skills and potential
  • To provide them a learning platform along with the employment

SDC Karachi has started professional training programs keeping in view the emerging demands of corporate world. The trainings are currently being offered in the following domains:
Accounting and Finance- Knowledge which is essential for every banker, finance professional, accountant or manager to understand what drives the finance market trends, credit system for banks, techniques for financial investment, liquidity risk and all the practical financial knowledge that plays a significant part in their careers.
IT Training-IT trainings and certifications to learn modernized computing techniques as well as for updating your profile Management Training-Program for developing leadership, project management, time management and problem solving skills which are essential for achieving professional as well as personal goals of an individual. It covers all professional technical skills that are required on managerial level including ERP, Supply chain, Office Management etc.