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at the SDC (Skill Development Council), we are committed to helping Men and Women develop the skills and knowledge to pursue many opportunities in fields involving technology. SDC offers skillful training courses that can be used in some of todays fastest growing career fields including , IT , Electronics, Designing, etc.

The Skill Development Council (SDC) Karachi has been established under the National Training Ordinance - 1980 Amendment Ordinance -2002, to make the Technical & Vocational Training Programes flexible, demand driven and cost effective with the maximum participation of employers. It is basically an employer led autonomous organization functioning under National Training Board on the methodology of public &partnership. The Council is comprised of 10 members with following composition.

* Employers Representative including Chairman                   04                  40%
* Employers Representative                                                 01                  10%
* Govt. Representative from National Training                      05                  50%
   Board, Provincial Training Board


Recognition of SDC as a symbol of Quality Technical Vocational and IT Training by all individuals & enterprises.

Develop a flexible and responsive Technical Vocational Training System to prepare competent and trained workforce to the fast changing needs of the 21st century and to contribute in the Economic Development of Pakistan


  1. Provide productive link between industry and training providers for enhancing, effectiveness and responsive of training.
  2. Identify, analyze and prioritize training needs of the geographical areas.
  3. Meet training needs by arranging training, re-training and skill upgrading programmes for educated youth and already employed.
  4. Develop, validate and determine training standards and curriculum content based on employment and industry need analysis to ensure qualitative and relevant / need based training.
  5. Develop and implement special training programmes for women, children of industrial workers to prepare them for gainful employment or some other income generating activities.
  6. Plan, develop and implement any other programmes and activity to promote TVET for the benefit of individual and industry.
  7. Support the informal sector i.e Ustad-Shagird System by providing them opportunities of specific training and trade testing.

Working Mechanism

SDCs design and develop training courses in accordance with emerging needs with the involvement of experts from relevant industry. SDC does not have its own training institutes but collaborates and works in partnership with industry, training institutes / colleges and other organizations to arrange training .

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