Training Programs

Regular Training Program

Regular Training Program In the fast-paced modernized education system, SDC Karachi provides a wide range of professional trainings that cover subjects from basic to expert level in order to educate students of all ages and educational backgrounds. The subjects are well planned with the syllabus being up to date with international standards and is delivered in an effective and engaging manner in order to keep the interest of students. To date, thousands of students have completed their trainings and are advancing their careers due to these certifications.
These programs are well-designed to meet the needs of modern professional and corporate world with constant improvement in the subject matter. The courses are taught by skilled professionals who are experienced and highly qualified in their own particular areas. They work as guides, trainers and mentors for working professionals and are notable names from the training industry.
The trainings are currently being offered in the following programs: Accounts and Banking- Knowledge which is essential for every banker, finance professional, accountant or manager to understand what drives the finance market trends, credit system for banks, techniques for financial investment, liquidity risk and all the practical financial knowledge that plays a significant part in their careers. These certifications are aimed at providing full practical experience of finance industry within a shorter period of time.
Management- Program for developing leadership, project management, time management, problem solving and technical skills in certain areas such as Public relations, ERP, Supply chain etc. IT Programs- IT trainings and certifications to learn modernized computing techniques.
Services Sector-Diplomas and certifications in professional services such as health and safety, banking etc. Engineering-Professional certifications and diplomas in Engineering sciences that make a significant impact on your career and educational profile.
These trainings are provided with practical knowledge, giving hands-on exposure to students in their respective programs as well as providing them theoretical knowledge of the subject, fully utilizing the training period.