Q1. What is Skill Development Council Karachi?

Skill Development Council Karachi (SDC) is an autonomous and independent body in Karachi, to assess, accredit and certify students through institutions of higher education across the world.

Q2. What is accreditation?

Accreditation means that a program or institution has gone through a rigorous review and evaluation process by experts in the field. It is essentially a stamp of approval by SDC Karachi that reviews and evaluates the quality of an institution and its programs. In theory, accreditation  assures that the quality of teaching, student achievement, curriculum, academic support and other criteria meet certain standards of excellence and quality.

Q3. Why opt for SDC Accreditation?
  • Accreditation is the best assessment benchmark which is also endorsed by experts of  SDC giving it utmost credibility. 
  • It helps to differentiate institutes among their competitors. The outcome of the process is useful to the students and parents in making a choice of the institution.
  • Our accreditation is a status that provides assurance to prospective students, their families and the general public that an institution meets clearly stated Standards for Accreditation and that there are reasonable grounds to believe the institution will continue to meet those standards in the future
  • Helps employers determine the validity of programs of study and whether a graduate is qualified. Employers often require evidence that applicants have received a degree from an accredited school or program.
  • Gain access to the leading National & Regional accreditation through SDC Pakistan’s largest global network of accreditation bodies.
  • Accredited educational institutes, schools, and universities experience a 55% increase in student enrollments.
  • Student retention at accredited schools, universities and institutes are up by more than 30%.
  • Our accreditation bodies ensure Nationwide acceptance not only for the institute but also for specific academic programs and subjects.
Q4. What are accreditation standards?

SDC Karachi standards are widely researched, field tested, collaborative rules of practice that have been accepted by specific fields as a basis of judgment for an average or normal requirement.